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Community is at the core of Seismica. We are a community-driven initiative, focused on shared scientific interests, active participation, and cooperative efforts in support of open science and the Seismica diamond open access journal.


The Seismica Moment Award

In recognition of the magnitude of impact of the awardee on the Seismica community for the benefit of open, researcher-run publishing. The Seismica Moment Award is selected annually by the Seismica Board from internal and external nominations.

Dr. Hannah Mark is recognized with the 2023 Seismica Moment Award for her exceptional contributions to the development and management of Seismica’s workflow, data standards, and copyediting processes. Dr. Mark, her team co-Chair Théa Ragon, and the Standards & Copyediting team have established a resilient and robust manuscript workflow along with training and mentoring to develop capacity and transferable skills. Seismica Board members who nominated Dr. Mark for recognition particularly highlighted her rapid and comprehensive problem solving and supportive interactions with her colleagues which enabled them to accomplish their own work effectively and with pride in high standards of production. The Seismica Board expresses their gratitude and congratulations to Dr. Hannah Mark!


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Get involved with Seismica and support us as a reader, author, or reviewer. Your valuable contributions are integral to our mission of promoting open scholarly research and ensuring our journal's continued success.

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